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Price List

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(NEW!) Head, neck , shoulders & reflexology (foot massage)60mins£50
(NEW!) Head, neck, shoulders & reflexology (foot massage)90mins£75
Foot massage (reflexology)30mins£25
Foot massage (reflexology)60mins£37
Upper body massage30mins£37
Upper body massage60mins£45
Relaxing massage60mins£45
Thai traditional massage60mins£45
Deep tissue massage30mins£37
Deep tissue massage60mins£50

Benefits of Thai Massage

Increased range of motion
Thai massage combines compression, acupressure, and passive stretching. These increase the range of motion in your joints and muscles. This can also improve your posture.
Helps with back pain
Thai massage tends to focus on areas that can contribute to back pain, like the inner thigh and abdomen. However, if you have constant back pain, it’s best to visit a doctor before getting any type of massage.
Reduces headache intensity
One study showed that nine sessions of traditional Thai massage in a 3-week period can reduce painful headaches in people who have chronic tension headaches or migraines.
Lowers stress
In another study, researchers showed that Thai massage reduced stress, especially when combined with plenty of rest.
Helps stroke patients
A 2012 study suggests that stroke patients who get Thai massage regularly may be better able to recover the ability to do daily activities. They may also have lower pain levels and sleep better.
Generally, Thai massage is great at promoting: better sleep, relaxation, improved digestion, and a calm mind or increased mindfulness

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